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Kinara Shipping & Trading Co. is a consultancy company advising in physical commodities (Minerals, Metals, Petroleum Products, Grain, Fertilisers etc.) with liason partners / representatives in various parts of the world.

Our worldwide network enables us to connect with clients across globe, visualize global issues as well as local regional matters.

Our core businesses are consulting / fascilating  on physical commodities trading advising on procurement capacity sourcing and supplying commodities for buyers. We have an array of clients located all over the world  & are always actively looking for new suppliers and buyers of:
•  All types of Coal (from Indonesia, South Africa, Russia, Australia, North & South America)
•  Ore (Iron Ore, Iron Ore Pellets, Manganese / Nickel / Chrome / Copper Ore from Iran, Maxico, Indonesia, Philipines etc.)
•  Cement Products (Cement Clinker, Gypsum, Slag, Limestone from Persian & Arabian Gulf, Far East Countries)
•  Petroleum Products (Crude Oil, Diesel, Aviation Fuels, Mazut, Automative Oil, Bitumen, LNG, LPG etc. from Nigeria, Iran, Rotterdam, Gulf, Russia)
•  Fertilizer (Urea, Sulphur, etc. from Gulf, Russia)  
•  Steel Products (Steel Billets, Plates, Pipes, Bars etc. from Gulf, Far East, Russia)
•  Food & Grain Products (Maize, Wheat, Corn, Refined / Crude Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, All types of Beans from USA, Canada, Myanmar, Africa, India, Far East)
•  Aggregates, Rock Boulders, Sand, Tiles, Ceramics and other construction material (India, Iran, Indonesia, China, Combodia etc.)
•  Float Glass (Iran, China)
•  Chemical & others (Petroleum Jelly / Paraffin Wax / Graphic Machinery / Waste Paper / Recycled & Converted Material)
•  Paper  (Kraft Papers / Newsprint / Printing Papers / Photo Copy Paper / Tissue / Synthetic Paper / Woodfree Paper)
•  and any other commodities to match with our buyers in all parts of the world

Kindly send email to trading@kinarashipping.com for further detail

➜  Trading Network / Representative / Liason Partners
Australia Finland Kuwait Qatar Sri Lanka
Bangladesh India Maldives Russia Tanzania
Brazil Indonesia Malaysia Singapore UAE
Bulgaria Iran Myanmar Saudi Arabia Ukrain
Canada Italy New Zealand South Africa United Kingdom
China Japan Nigeria South Korea United State of America
Egypt Kenya Oman Spain Vietnam

We have our representative in the highlighted countries.
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